A feminine woman – what is she like?

There are women that slip through the crowd unnoticed, however, some ladies are masters of attracting gazes. This brings out some bunch of curiosity – what is it that makes men look back? Each of us, I must admit, are unique, and in our uniqueness amazing. And each of us hold different patterns and proportions of masculine and feminine energies within us. Some of us have more of a Yin (feminine) energy flowing through our beings, while others emit more of Yang (masculine), which then accordingly resonates with femininity or masculinity as such. BUT nothing is constant and even energies can be changed! So further a six-pack of Yin energy magnifiers will be listed!



Temperance is one of the main keys of Yin energy. That relies to basically everything – starting from our lifestyle, flirting style and even how we dress. A lot of women want to have the hold in their hands, so they go first – they aim for a goal (in terms of men) and then by using all the artillery that’s in their suitcases, go for it, however, this is a huge Yang pattern and has nothing to do with feminine energies. As silly as it might sound – a ‘chill sit’ might attract more of attention than a concrete action. The most important is to relax, get in the mood, sinchronyze with the energies of the room and enjoy yourself and the event, without aiming and shooting. After all – males are the hunters, aren’t they?



Even though, it might get hard in times, it is of a crucial importance to remain calm, even when the thunderstorm is getting crazy outside the window. To find the balance and get over hardships and unpleasant situations is the key factor of Yin energy. And here I am not talking about acting that it is fine, when it’s not. It is about finding the balance from the within, to emit positive and calming vibes, so needed for the human race and especially men of the planet Earth. This soothing energy feels like home. And everybody knows that there is no greater place then home to be.

Meditation can give you the peace needed, when the rain comes down crashing.


Yes, it is all about the detail. A nice perfume on your neck (just a small drop) can increase not only your mood, but mood of those around you. Everyone can find something that suits them amazingly – the right shade of hair color, the perfect peach tone for your lips… It’s not about how much of the makeup you use – sometimes (mostly) the less is more.  So to find ‘your thing’ might play a major role in creating your own particular style and breeze of femininity.



..is the highlight of femininity as such. As it is said, women are from Venus and men from Mars. It is impossible to get to know each other fully AND you can treat it as a bonus for your relationship. Since males are instinctive hunters, they want something to aim for, and their highest goal might bet to get to know you fully, to fully understand what’s in your mind. However, this almost impossible mission can serve you for your best! So keep your mystery levels in balance and it will always feel fresh!



There is so much to enjoy – starting from good food, wine and amazing and soulful conversations with your besties. Sadly, a big part of us do not let ourselves just be in the present moment and enjoy it fully, since even the chocolate cake can seem a threat not a pleasure if one’s on diet. So what I am about to say is that, you CAN loosen up and chill more. Even though we thing that the perfect shape is what will attack the most amazing male being, it cannot be further from the truth. However, our self content definitely will!



We all need our sacred places to fill up with this sacred Yin energies. It kind of reminds me of my childhood memories, turning over pages of princess crystal catalogues. It really is true, that we have to come to conclusion that we truly are princesses – even more – we’re deities. So we have to treat ourselves with respect and compassion. To harmonize fully, it is of a crucial importance, to have our living spaces harmonious as well. So why not – decorate your room with flowers, crystals and nice pieces of art and let your inner goddess be!


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