Don’t fight with the excess weight – just release it!

Excess weight and cellulitis is not just a problem of aesthetics. It could be a great signal, that something is pretty much wrong with your lifestyle, that too much of stress and negativity has overtaken your life. So it might happen that anti-cellulitis creams will not be the ‘day-savers’ – the whole attitude regarding this issue might need to face changes.


When I discuss this problem with my female friends, I usually tend to get comments such as “What? You have nothing to worry about! It’s easy for you to say, my dear!” Yes, I might certainly agree, that this problem might seem not to have anything to do with me, however, this is all thanks to my lifestyle and care that I pay to my skin. And frankly, I do it every day! I completely understand, that metabolism changes over time, as we get older, however, I still want to wear clothes of a size 36 and to feel lively and full of energy. This is why I keep up with what I eat, move a lot and smile even more. Yes, there have been periods in my life, when I weighted 7 kg’s more then I do now, however, that was during the periods when I couldn’t cope with my emotional problems. It is hard to deny that all of our problems start within our heads, so to keep your head clean, keep your view towards yourself positive and stay fit! By the way – overweight is also and illness that should be treated as such!




(PS – everything is a small thing)

Me myself and a bunch of friends in my circle have come across the same problem regarding ‘healthy lifestyle’ acceptance – if you stress, the weight just won’t get away! No matter what exercise or diet patterns you might have. After digging deeper to find the answer for this phenomenon, I can across the cortisol hormone, which as it turns out, is responsible for not losing weight (especially in your belly area). Since cortisol is released when one is under stress, it creates some sort of vicious circle – diet patterns = stress, stress = cortisol, cortisol = extra weight. So the most important thing to remember would be, to stay calm and OM, to achieve the goals wanted. Thus – it is all about the journey, isn’t it? And if you don’t enjoy the ride, then what’s the point anyways!



As I got back from my trip to India, I noticed that my body weight has reduced, however, there was no such thing as dieting – even vice versa – I let myself eat anything that looked delish. While in India, my mind was completely released and focused at the same time, which would equal a state of complete calmness. I realised that, if money matters, to do list and all the anther nerve-wreckers stay in your brain, it by time manifests as an overweight. So the first thing to do would be to reduce your to-do-list! ASAP! By focusing on this moment, we receive a beautiful present which is increased joy and reduced body-weight. Doesn’t it sound wonderful? Our body itself perfectly knows what to let go of, however, our brain needs to accept it happening. No fighting for it – just letting it happen!



Lets admit it – going to a salon for a certain procedure, that might reduce our extra weight in problematic zones might seem to be the brightest idea, since it doesn’t really ask for any effort given by us (just the money matters), however, lets think twice.

If we don’t change our lifestyle and eating patterns, that would be a very (VERY) short-termish remedy. Focus on your daily routine and COMBINE it with the procedures of salon and you will get the greatest results!

I have tried out cavitation procedure and it has worked wonders! If you do a lot of physical activities let your body be nourished with massages regularly, so that the lactic acid is expelled from your body. A vacuum massage once or twice a year would be a great addition for supercalifragilisticexpialidocious results!


Yup – that is said! If you go on and off the healthy road, it might not only cause you a headache – it can leave your body in incomprehension. For two weeks it worked basing on different patterns, and now? WHAT’S HAPPENING NOW?! That might be the question your body would be giving to you – the owner of it. Don’t threaten your health and digestion processes – it’s not that easy for your body to adapt to all of your frequent changes, so become and STAY on the healthy side. Your body will be thankful – I promise!


We are all in different shapes and shades. So we have to accept our unique beauty! If your mama is bootilicious it is only nature that you might have some extra on hips as well. And this is more than ok! We are all different and unique, and there is no such one standard that should be accepted and overtaken by us ALL, so, enjoy your body and thank him by going healthy. And he will give you back – by loosing some kilos!

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