The story of Me & my Shoes

As much as I’d like to get rid of my ridiculous additction to shoes, it seems, that will never be possible. A few years ago, I told about it within the pages of magazine Pastaiga – have to admit nothing has really changed much during these years…


One day my honey (my life partner) shocked me with an announcement – you have an obsession with shoes. Have to say, that I hadn’t really noticed that myself before the legendary statement. My partner had put up with the fact that he had no place for his shoes on the corridor shoe rack, however, now they were practically everywhere! Starting from the bedroom’s wardrobe, staircase… well – as I said – EVERYWHERE!

“ Don’t you think that this bunch is getting too big, honey?” I received a question. “Maybe you should get rid of some!”

And I took the risk. J By doing my revision, I found a wonderful pair of YSL that I bought in USA. –‘They are soooo beautiful!’ – I thought to myself, so I decided to put them in a place more accessible than a shoebox that they were left in for three years. Kind of naive to think, that this stimulated my eagerness to put them on my feet.

Oh my, and Gucci shoes with the braided sole and a little bow – just adorable!

Ok, have to admit – they weren’t the most comfy shoes, but so what?! Can handle some rubbing for beauty, you know! Black, brown, blue, green, red, pink, violet, with polka dots and stripes… they were all gazing at me like muttering “Put us on! Please – pick us!”

00-kurpes copy

“And how many of them have you actually ever worn, hm?” my boyfriend was looking at me with a true interest. To be frank, I couldn’t respond. What type of question even is it? Really!? So if my math isn’t wrong – 60 pairs of shoes would be walking in a different pair of shoes each day for… two months! Well, I have put on each shoe pair at least once – for that I’m sure.. Some have worn more frequently, some more seldom…ok, very seldom. Ok, some of the shoes I have worn for multiple times – some practically never.

I remember Carrie Bradshaw from the Sex and the City claiming “I have spent 40 thousand dollars on shoes and have no place to live!” This seemed rather funny back then..

God bless, it is not 40 thousand dollars I have spent on shoes exactly, and I have a roof over my head, however I could certainly survive if excluded some 30 pairs of my shoes now lying on the living room floor, from my life forever. That might be quite a decent amount of money to spend on some more qualitative matters of life..


How do you think, my ladies – did I really get rid of those 30 unneeded shoe pairs? Of course not! Alcoholics don’t get rid of their addiction in one day! If there is a diagnose for people obsessed with shoes (and I’m sure there is one), I approve of it, however I still cannot just throw my shoes out! They are like memory holders, holding the mysteries of my moments of my life. Some shoes were bought from the last pennies in my walled, some I bought when felt super-lonely and pretty much down.. However, some improvements in my shoe rack are evident. Of course it was kind of hard to say chau chau to some of my shoe-friends and companions, however it was more than clear that I will not wear them again – ever.

The high end shoes were left untouched, and now, thinking about this decision, I feel kind of proud of myself not putting them into a garbage bin. Fashion tendencies have their cyclic nature, so now I can be a true fashionista owning some fresh (even though old) pairs. From the great number of platform shoes, I preserved only two. Some eccentric high-heels still have a place in my closet as well as a few classy ballerina shoes, sneakers, loafers and autumn/winter boots.

It came as a huge surprise that I own no pairs of classical high heels, or anything truly comfy for everyday wearing. Now I have spent some money on obtaining several of those.

It’s been 4 years since this historical revision. My new purchases are way more practical and I step into a shoe store not as often. Not there is about 40 pairs of shoes in my shoe rack and I am very proud of my new more practical attitude.

una ulme foto copy


The realizations I have gained by fighting my addiction:

  • There is no real point to buy shoes impulsively, since most likely you will not wear them anyways.
  • Getting rid by shoes you don’t wear makes it easier get ready for the event – since there is less options to pick from.
  • If you truly have a need for new shoes, you can invest in a very qualitative nice pair (and actually wear them afterwards).
  • Never throw out expensive designer shoes – fashion climbs up the spiral and the tendency most likely will come back!



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