One could truly say that I am a journalist to the bone. I’ve been working in this field for more than 20 year. There is a saying that you should change something about your life dramatically and drastically each 7 years – well this might be the story of my professional career. I have worked as a news reporter for the National Television, touched the sphere of Public Relations, I was elected to be a member of the council of the National radio and Television. However, for the last 7 years I’ve been relating myself to fashion and beauty topics. It IS my passion.

Even though my career did not always involve writing, I still kept doing it as a side work. God bless that all of my previous employers understood my writer’s vibe and supported my actions.

But no I have a strong feeling within me that the time has come –  it is time for me to share the accumulated knowledge with all of you ladies.

I truly believe that sharing is caring!




I think that all of us ladies come to the point in life where we come across the concerns related to the age. We somehow get really struck by some society set delusional statements about what you should or should not do, wear and say related to your age group. However, I strongly doubt this principle that age can set any boundaries as such! I don’t believe in age. Cause the soul can never grow old!

We are all unique and beautiful just the way we are, so I am a strong believer that we should embrace our creativity and beauty at all ages!

A stylist Jeanne Dubska (Žanna Dubska) once said that it is of a huge importance to not to only create and maintain your style, but also let it inspire others!

So this is it – I truly believe in inspiration! and I hope in my heart (and know in my heart) that this blog will give you the pinch of inspiration that you need!

Stay stylish!




Ageless – the concept that creates and unites ladies of all age and spreads the self love and care as well as self expression message!

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